Welcome to the Upwell Legacy Agent Program

Secure your legacy while earning lifelong income

Are you thinking about stepping away from the fast-paced world of real estate? It’s a major decision, but it doesn’t mean you have to abandon the network and reputation you’ve spent years cultivating. With the Upwell Realty Legacy Agent Program, you can continue to reap financial benefits from the influence and connections you’ve built, even after you’ve transitioned out of the industry.


Why Choose Upwell Realty Agent Program

Expert Care for Your Referrals: Our team, consisting of seasoned sales professionals, adept real estate agents, and a dedicated listing team, is committed to delivering the same exceptional service that earned you trust and respect in the industry.

Seamless Transition: Stepping back from your active role should be effortless. We take care of all the details—simply inform us where to send your referral commission. It's that easy.

Don't let any value slip away

Retiring from real estate doesn’t have to mean your earnings stop. With the Upwell Legacy Agent Program, you can monetize your valuable database effortlessly. We'll ensure your clients receive the same professional service they’re accustomed to, allowing you to enjoy your retirement while still generating a steady income.