How to Choose the Right Realtor in Orlando

Real Estate Kyle Madorin May 21, 2024

Choosing the right realtor in Orlando can make all the difference in your home-buying experience. 

As the host of the Real Estate on the Up podcast, I've had the pleasure of speaking with many successful real estate agents in Orlando. 

One of the most inspiring stories comes from Ketan Patel, a realtor at Century 21. His dedication to his clients is exceptional, and his journey provides a great example of what you should look for when selecting a real estate agent in Orlando. 

In this blog post, I'll share some key insights inspired by Ketan's story to help you choose the right realtor.

Listen to Ketan’s Episode on Real Estate on the Up Podcast 

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1. Understand Your Needs and Preferences

The first step in choosing the right realtor is finding someone who takes the time to understand your needs and preferences. Ketan excels in this area. 

He doesn't just show homes; he takes the time to learn about his clients' lifestyles and preferences. 

Whether it's proximity to work, schools, or certain amenities, a good realtor will ask the right questions to ensure they find the perfect match for you.

This personalized approach ensures that the homes you visit align with your specific requirements, saving you time and making the process more enjoyable.

2. Good Realtors Provide Honest and Valuable Feedback

A reliable real estate agent in Orlando should be honest and provide valuable feedback. 

In our conversation, Ketan insisted that good agents are not afraid to share their professional opinion, even if it means advising against a property his clients like. 

This honesty builds trust and ensures that you make an informed decision.

Honesty is crucial in real estate. You need a realtor who prioritizes your long-term satisfaction over a quick sale.

3. Real Estate Agents Should Be Available and Flexible

Real estate transactions don't always happen during regular business hours. A great realtor in Orlando will be available and flexible to accommodate your schedule. 

Ketan's commitment to his clients is evident in his willingness to work late nights and weekends to ensure everything is in order.

Examples from Ketan's Story:

"I've written contracts as late as 11 o'clock at night with the client, trying to get that in first thing in the morning."

"I've written a contract while I was in Arizona for a wedding. Between events, I had to end up writing up a contract for a client."

This level of dedication ensures that you don't miss out on opportunities and that your needs are always prioritized.

4. Agents Should Have Good Relationships with Other Real Estate Professionals

A good realtor has a network of reliable partners, including mortgage brokers and lenders, title companies, and inspectors. 

Ketan keeps his circle small but trustworthy, ensuring his clients receive top-notch service throughout the process.

These relationships are vital for a smooth transaction. A well-connected real estate agent in Orlando can expedite processes and resolve issues quickly.

5. A Good Agent Provides Comprehensive Service

The right realtor will guide you through every step of the buying process. Ketan uses a transaction coordinator to keep track of all deadlines and commitments, ensuring nothing is overlooked.

Examples from Ketan's Story:

"I make sure that we're, the periods that we have, the inspection period, you don't want to be beyond the inspection period and then come up and say, hey, I need to cancel my contract because so and so thing is wrong."

"I do have a transaction coordinator that I get just because of the clientele I have, so many of them."

Comprehensive service means less stress for you and a higher chance of a successful transaction.

6. Great Agents Demonstrate Personal Investment

A realtor who goes above and beyond shows their personal investment in your success. Ketan's most significant example of this is helping a client who faced eviction and credit issues to find and purchase a home. 

He drove long distances and worked closely with a lender to make it happen.

This dedication shows that a great realtor will not give up on you and will find creative solutions to help you achieve your homeownership goals.

Final Thoughts on Choosing The Right Realtor in Orlando, FL

Choosing the right realtor in Orlando involves looking for someone who goes above and beyond for their clients. 

Ketan Patel's story is a testament to the dedication, honesty, and hard work that defines an exceptional real estate agent. 

By understanding your needs, providing honest feedback, being available and flexible, and leveraging local knowledge, the right realtor can make your home-buying journey smooth and successful.

When you find a realtor like Ketan Patel, you know you're in good hands. If you're a first-time homebuyer in Orlando or looking for a real estate agent in Orlando, take these insights to heart. 

Your dream home is just around the corner, and the right realtor will help you get there.

Choose The Right Realtor in Orlando

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