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Key Insights on Property Management and Real Estate Investing in Orlando with Lysiana Dutka

Kyle Madorin July 9, 2024

The Orlando rental market, like the real estate market in general, presents a mix of challenges and opportunities. Its growing tech sector, reputable universities, and expanding healthcare facilities also contribute to the steady influx of new residents seeking long-term rental accommodations.

It’s Kyle Madorin here, and I’m excited to share some fantastic insights from my recent Real Estate on the Up Podcast episode with Lysiana Dutka, “The Ever Growing Urban Expansion: Northward Migration Trends”.

Lysiana is an extraordinary real estate professional with over 20 years of experience. She’s a broker associate, realtor, property manager, notary public, and community association manager. Her journey from South Africa to the US and her deep roots in the real estate industry make her a wealth of knowledge.

Lysiana provided invaluable insights into these areas, and I'm thrilled to share these with you in this blog post.

Listen to the entire podcast here:

Meet Lysiana Dutka

Born in South Africa, Lysiana moved to the US at the young age of 19 and spent two decades in Detroit before relocating to Orlando in 2007. She began her real estate career in 2013 when she got her Florida real estate license.

Initially, Lysiana had aspirations of working in new construction, but she found her true calling in property management. Today, she manages 19 homes and collaborates with Fuschiolet Management Group, overseeing approximately 425 doors.

Transition to Property Management

Lysiana’s initial goal was to work in new construction, but she found her niche in property management. Her journey into this field has been both challenging and rewarding, as she now manages a substantial portfolio of homes.

She stresses the importance of  having a mortgage broker to navigate the financial complexities involved in property acquisitions and management.

Responsibilities and Strategies

Effective property management requires a strategic approach. Lysiana utilizes a portal system for efficient management, ensuring that all properties are delivered in perfect condition to attract good tenants. Prioritizing the safety and functionality of features and appliances is crucial before marketing a property.

Furthermore, her strategy involves regular property inspections and prompt maintenance, which help in maintaining high standards and reducing tenant turnover.

Handling Challenges

The property management landscape is not without its challenges. Lysiana emphasizes the importance of thorough documentation to handle disputes between tenants and landlords effectively. 

She shared an instance where she successfully defended against a false discrimination claim, underscoring her commitment to fairness, transparency, and meticulous record-keeping. 

Lysiana's approach includes building strong relationships with tenants and landlords and fostering a community atmosphere that can mitigate conflicts and enhance overall satisfaction.

Current Rental Market Trends in Orlando

Lysiana and I discussed significant changes in the market, particularly focusing on HOA dues and rent increases.

The rental market in Orlando is undergoing significant shifts, shaped by various factors including school quality, proximity to tourist attractions, and regulatory environments.

Families are increasingly prioritizing areas with A-rated schools, such as Lake Nona, making these neighborhoods particularly desirable. This trend highlights the importance of educational quality in residential decision-making.

As Orlando continues to expand, a noticeable migration is occurring towards less crowded northern areas such as Lake County and Altamonte Springs.

New construction projects and  rising housing demand in these regions reflect the city’s ongoing growth and the shifting preferences of its residents. These areas offer more space and potentially lower costs, attracting both families and investors.

Investing in Real Estate

Lysiana also provided some priceless advice to help real estate investors:

New Construction

Investing in new construction is a wise decision due to the numerous incentives offered. These include closing cost assistance, upgrades, and better interest rates. Lysiana advises investors to buy at the beginning of community development.

This strategy allows investors to gain equity as the community grows, providing a substantial return on investment over time.

Resale Properties

For investors with smaller budgets, Lysiana suggests looking for resale properties that have been on the market for a while. Effective negotiation is key in these cases, especially for cash buyers.

Lysiana’s advice underscores the importance of patience and strategic planning in finding undervalued properties that offer significant potential for growth.

An  experienced real estate coach can provide tailored advice and support, ensuring that investors make the most of their opportunities in the real estate market.

Maximizing Rental Income

To maximize rental income, Lysiana stresses the importance of property condition and tenant qualification:

1. Property Condition and Tenant Qualification

Delivering properties in perfect condition is essential for attracting and retaining good tenants. Lysiana uses strict criteria for tenant qualification, including a minimum credit score of 650. This approach guarantees well-maintained properties with reliable, financially stable tenants.

2. Maintenance and Communication

Lysiana believes that prompt handling of maintenance requests is vital in property management. She employs a vendor system to ensure all maintenance issues are addressed efficiently.

Additionally, she requires tenants to request permission for any minor repairs, maintaining control over the property’s condition.

Take Your Orlando Real Estate Journey to the Next Level

Lysiana Dutka’s insights are invaluable for anyone interested in the Orlando real estate market. Whether you’re a property manager, an investor, or simply curious about market trends, her expertise offers a clear roadmap to success.

For a more in-depth understanding of these insights, I highly recommend tuning into the full episode of The Real Estate on the Up podcast.

With expert advice from professionals, you can make informed decisions, maximize your investments, and contribute to the thriving Orlando real estate landscape.

Stay connected with us on social media for the latest trends, tips, and expert advice in our future podcast episodes.

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