Leveraging Military Skills in Real Estate with Robert Cagle

Leveraging Military Skills in Real Estate with Robert Cagle

I was recently honored to chat with Robert Cagle on our Real Estate on the Up podcast. He highlighted his success formula, talking about leveraging military skills in real estate. As a sales associate and avid real estate investor, he delved into the real estate business after leaving his 15 years in the military behind due to injury. 

Specializing in purchasing and selling apartment buildings and multi-family homes in Orlando, Florida, Robert began his journey after picking up an interest in investment. He made his first lucrative investment in a multi-family home, which he purchased after taking out a VA (Veterans Administration) loan

While running his first investment, Robert came to live in and rent the property as he pursued a degree in business. Robert’s education in finance and experience with real estate as a slow-paced business led him to invest in franchise stores.  

However, like all success stories, he had his fair share of failures in the real estate industry. Five years before his success, I purchased his first property without prior knowledge and failed as a landlord. 

Robert’s failure led him to shape a real estate career, pursue a business degree, and, most importantly, learn how to leverage networking by connecting with like-minded people. 

Without further ado, here are Robert’s tips on a successful real estate career in Florida: 

Real Estate Investment Tips in Florida

With the growing interest rates and buildable lands, many people want to sell properties, and buyers are willing to purchase new homes. One of the most important real estate investment tips in Florida is that as the perfect place for building properties from the ground up, the Sunshine State is an excellent location for investing in new construction homes.

When you encounter a similar opportunity, determine whether it will be a good investment. This will shape your future decisions and success.

Best Practices for Real Estate Customer Service

By listening to Robert, I found out that some of the best practices for real estate customer service are:

  • Listening to people and knowing what they want: Learn your client’s needs and why they take specific actions.
  • Being compassionate: Understand your customers and their problems
  • Being a problem-solver:  Come up with solutions to resolve conflicts in the best manner you can

To succeed as a problem-solver and approach conflicts correctly, I realized that a successful individual is a good listener who only interrupts their client once they have laid out their problem entirely. Robert learned about these tips by managing franchises and interacting with different people. 

The Importance of Networking in Real Estate

According to Robert, you need to have skilled and knowledgeable people by your side because real estate is not a one-person business. The importance of networking in real estate lies in your people's help in solving problems.

Not having the proper knowledge or informative sources to rely on will destroy your assets as an investor. Solving people’s problems quickly and efficiently will allow you to help people make one of their most significant investments in life. If you fail to promptly provide your client with what they want, you'll surely divert their direction elsewhere. 

Finding Your Real Estate Niches

As an investor, Robert seeks opportunities to invest in long-term real estate. Therefore, you must find your real estate niches and pursue what interests you the most. Once you have found your niche, build knowledge and expertise in that area and stick with it. 

Practicing what you have chosen constantly will hone your way to success and determine your path. I learned that Robert found his formula for success by sticking to what he was familiar with the most. 

By experimenting with properties on both coasts and flipping houses, he found his passion in providing residents with secure and safe living conditions.

How to Solve Real Estate Problems

As an investor, real estate agent, and business owner, Robert explains that being a realtor meant dealing with a multidisciplinary concept. His role in the real estate industry allowed him to experiment with many things and play different roles. 

Being in the military and used to doing more than one thing at a time, Robert found luxury in running multiple businesses and tackling challenges. Coming across real estate problems and conflicts in your career is your way of learning and growing. 

The purpose of the challenges is to help you become a better problem solver who creates a fulfilling life for yourself and your clients. To become a proficient problem solver, connect with like-minded people who have paved the same path before you. Going in the same direction will help you grow and share your success with others. 

Transitioning to a Career in Real Estate

Just do it! Finding something to be passionate about as a military person will urge you to consider things a mission. Since most veterans are used to fast-paced lives, this opportunity will help them have something to occupy their minds with. 

You will also be serving people as you did in the military. Your mission will be to help people achieve their real estate goals, which is a rewarding experience. The continuous challenges in real estate are also exciting for veterans. 

So, if you need advice on how to shift careers and invest in the real estate industry in Orlando, Florida, contact Robert and ask him about finding your purpose in life. Moreover, if you need help with real estate, contact me or Join Icons of Real Estate in mentoring the next generation of real estate professionals as a coach.

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