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A study by Ben Treanor published in Time2play surveyed over 1,600 adults and found that they received an average of 3.7 scam calls and 1.5 scam texts per day. That's averaging about 26 calls and 11 texts per week! We can all agree that receiving these calls, emails, or even text messages can be frustrating.

This brings us to the main point of this conversation, by downloading our app “UP” you will be able to view properties just as you would on other apps but you won’t have to compromise your privacy.


Our app NEVER sells your data! Unlike other popular search apps that result in obnoxious ads and cold calls. You can search in any criteria with ease knowing that your information is safe with us. 

Accurate Data

Wait there’s more… while other popular apps take about 15 minutes to generate new data our app updates and produces new data every 15 SECONDS. With a direct feed to the local MLS, you’re plugged into fast and accurate data at all times.


Receive personalized updates on the neighborhoods, community events, and housing inventory in real time!


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