How to Become a Real Estate Agent in Florida

How to Become a Real Estate Agent in Florida

In a recent interview with Real Estate on the Up Podcast, I sat down with Jason Hammer, a highly acclaimed real estate expert, to discuss how to become a real estate agent in Florida as a person who moved from playing baseball in college to becoming a team lead at The Firm, RE. 

Thanks to his background in sports and coaching, Jason Hammer has recorded more than 60 successful transactions since 2020. In this interview, I shed light on the importance of education, work ethics, and building a solid team and how they can play an essential role in success as a real estate agent and buyer/seller. 

To mark success in the real estate industry, here’s what you need to know:

The Significance of Education

Jason’s experience as a teacher and a baseball coach allowed him to interact with some of the finest young athletes, precisely one who is currently his broker. Being in a close relationship with his student’s family, Jason came to learn about real estate and how he could excel in this career through his father, who was an expert in flipping homes. 

These events led Jason to obtain my real estate license during COVID-19 and leverage his summer break to hone his coaching skills. Using his experience as an athlete and a coach, Jason understood how my previous experience could shape his current career.

To climb the real estate career ladder, Jason took advantage of his discipline and work ethic and focused on educating himself through the right resources. Jason leveraged the best real estate podcasts, similar to Icons of Real Estate, and listened to their advice. You can Discover exciting career prospects with Icons of Real Estate.

Moreover, Jason learned that finding a real estate mentor to become a successful coach is essential, as he did with his current broker/former student. Hiring the right people to educate you on the real estate industry will inform you on matters such as commissions, the most valuable resources in the industry, and how you can find answers to your questions. 

Jason’s time with his broker and mentor taught him how to be successful in real estate through integrity and honesty, which are the foundations of a successful career. Despite previous beliefs, Jason realized that the most successful agents are the ones who are truthful with their clients. 

A good mentor should be able to help you understand your needs and familiarize you with the resources that will fulfill those needs. 

How to Find a Good Real Estate Agent: For Sellers and Buyers

Another essential point Jason learned through his current career is how to find a good real estate agent as a seller/buyer. As the client, you must consider the due diligence and weigh your options before hiring an agent who responds to your needs. To distinguish a good agent from others, consider these steps,

  • Going through the number of the agent’s sales
  • Reliability, honesty, and responsiveness of an agent
  • The mentors and leaders whom the agent is relying on throughout their career, specifically as new agents. The successful history of one’s mentor can reveal a lot about their future success as your agent. 

Understanding how your agent will guide you through the best methods to ace your home-selling or buying process matters most. 

Building a Good Team: Tips for First-Time Homebuyers

With the recent changes in the real estate market and home prices, there is a higher chance that the number of first-time homebuyers will grow. However, prospective buyers must learn the tips for first-time homebuyers to understand the importance of when to take a leap of faith and buy a house.

If you are a tenant who enjoys paying a fair rent to your landlord, waiting before buying your first home is acceptable. Yet others who are waiting for drastic changes in the housing market and expecting the prices to come down need to consider building a good team.

House prices differ according to the location, community, and state of the house. Therefore, assembling a great team of realtors, lenders, and home inspectors who know their way around is vital because, like sports, buying a house depends on teamwork. 

A great realtor will advise you on how to find the other two team members, understand your buying power, and navigate your pre-approved loan. As a homebuyer, you can also relocate to your new area to refine your options and decide your exact location before purchasing a house. 

The Pros of Living in Florida

During this episode, Jason explained to me how population growth is due to the pros of living in Florida. Many relocate to the Sunshine State due to:

  1. Beautiful weather
  2. Diversity of the living arrangments
  3. Variant vacation homes, short home rentals, and Airbnb
  4. Lower state taxes despite the recent increase
  5. Great cuisine
  6. Friendly people
  7. Cultural Diversity
  8. Great educational settings
  9. Affordable housing and an excellent location for new homebuyers interested in new construction homes, 30-year mortgages, and low-interest rates of 5.5%-6.5%
  10. Potential for future growth 

Additionally, these conditions have allowed current residents of Central Florida to continue living in this location and welcome new residents from all over the U.S., providing opportunities for growth in the real estate industry. 

With the houses' affordability, real estate agents will have more opportunities to expand their horizons and invite new homebuyers to invest in Florida.  

How to Contact Jason Hammer

If you are pursuing a career in the real estate industry in Florida or considering buying/selling your house in this state, you can reach Jason through Instagram:

Also, his team of experts at The Firm, RE, will guide you through finding or selling a house. The people at  The Firm, RE, will update you with the latest house listings, market changes, and the conditions of your following location.

Contact  them today and find the best deal! You can also contact me if you need more help!

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